Survey to Measure Success

Here is an example survey you can have your nonprofit staff fill out to capture the success / shortcomings from each event. Feel free to adapt this for your needs.

1. Which event are you evaluating?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, did the contributions from the event produce the desired result?

3. What do you think went well at the event?

4. What do you think could use improvement?

5. Overall, was the event too long, too short, or just right?:
Too long
Too short
Just right

6. What length would have been ideal?

7. Overall, did you have too many, too few, or just the right number of participants?:
Too many
Too few
Just right

8. How many participants would have been the ideal number?

9. Describe the contributions were produced at the event? Which ones provided the most value? Please explain why.

10. Next steps. What are you going to do with the contributions produced? (Will they be incorporated into the product, will they be disregarded, etc…?)

11. How many issues (technical or other) were resolved? Please elaborate on the issues resolved.

12. How would you rate the quality of code produced:

1 (the worst), 5 (the best)

13. Did you feel the volunteers had the right skills to provide the changes the project needed?:

14. If not, what skills were needed? (languages, frameworks, etc…)

15. Knowing what you know now, would you have participated in this event if we went back in time and asked you again?:

16. Were you able to get volunteers interested in working more with you after the event? Did you get any code contributions after the event? Please explain.

17. Do you have any other feedback?